Thursday, March 19, 2009

5. Guys night out

"mrs 3azeez?" I looked puzzled

"ee, I mean... wait you didn't know?" he returned the same puzzled look.

"Alf alf mabrook! Ya &%$#% ma getli 5a6ib!" I replied with a huge fake grin, trying to hide my true feelings. We hugged. I then looked at Leila standing against the wall biting her pinky not knowing what to do, or what to say. I cleared my throat, "Mabrook Leila" I said with a calmer tone and a subtle yet undeniable angry look portrayed on my face.

"So what're you doing together?" He looked at Leila, which was now gazing at the ground as if solving a hard math equation.

"Umm, he was just... Mm," She was starting to stutter "...aah..."

"I missed a class and I wanted her notebook to copy out the notes" I disrupted,

3azeez started laughing "w int lel7een tgi9 class-at? Ma t3allamna? ahaha"

With the same fake smile plastered on my face, I turned to look at him, "haha i'm not twelve anymore bu s3ayyid"

"ah maturity, impressive," he went on laughing "okay ana barid ilbait now, nesait my Finance book, 5anchoofik 3aad"

"oh don't worry, betCHOOFni" I mocked him. He gave out the 'peace' hand gesture as he left. I looked at Leila for a moment. She was still looking at the ground. "So, congrats, see you next class" I said as I gave her my back to leave.

"yousef..." She almost whispered. I stopped, still giving her my back. "Wait... I.." I turned to face her. I looked at her face. She still wouldn't look up, she wouldn't look into my eyes.

"What Leila?" She took a quick look at me, then back to the floor.

"Never mind," she answered, "I'll see you next class,"

"Sure.." I walked away leaving her just standing there. I walked a couple of steps then I heard her say with a fading voice "bye"

I walked out of the door. Then I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. It was an unsaved number.


"chennik btamshi? ma 3indek classes today?" It was 3azeez.

"umm bala, bas i'm not feeling well, i'm going home- sleep it off"

"afaa! ma tshoof sharr! salamtik!"

"shar ma iyeek teslam bo s3ayyid, t2aamer 3ala shay?"

"actually ee, you think you can go out bel lail? I miss our nights awwal"

I laughed, "Ay nights? Haha kinna neg3ad bel diwaniya nel3ab sony w n6ale3 aflam Bruce Lee, 6ila3na marra bel sina!"

"hahaha tell me you don't miss those nights! at7adak bu ya3ga!"

I laughed yet didn't respond, implying that i do miss those routinic nights. "okay you're on" I finally said, "so i'm guessing we're not hanging out at your place? Cuz that might be, dare I say lame?"

"haha you wish." he yelled out "la la esma3, there's this new place out 3al ba7ar, it's a BOMB"

"oh 3arafta, 5ala9 i'll meet you there at 8, tabi shay" i got into my car.

"salamtik, yalla bye" and hung up.

-At 8-

"haa yalla wainek?"

"kani, i'm bil parking ga3id asfi6, ashoofik daa5il" i hung up and went inside.

I went in, looking for him. There he was sitting at a table smoking, and talking on the phone. Sallamt 3alaih w sat down waiting for him to finish his call.

"yalla 7abeebti, bas arid adeg 3alaich" and hung up

Oh great. Just when I managed to get Leila out of my head, she's back in- I thought.

"So tell me... " I started a conversation "how did you and her meet" pointing at his phone.

"Oh i met her in Minnesota. Agoollik bo ya3goob walla she took my breath away min awwal ma sheft'ha" he said with his twinkling eyes looking directly into his cell phone screen sighing which i'm guessing has Leila's picture in the background, otherwise who would he sigh over- i thought to myself.

"haha tara 7adda mo layig 3alaik you talk like that. Yaabitik ilgaa3 Leila haa?"

He lifted up his head, looked at me for a while. Sakit. "no yousef, mo Leila"

"ha- what do u mean mo Leila? Leila, 3azooz your fiance! Who were you talking to?"

He lifted up his phone, held it so i can see who was in his mobile background, and just drew the biggest smile on his face.

I stared at him. Silence filled the air. "ent min 9ijjik??!" He tried to escape my intense gaze at him. "Who is this??"


±What±Im±about± said...

OMG ! WHO WAS IT ?!!!!! oo laish ya56eb laila :S ! yala yala NEXT ;(

Cupid ;* said...

He has a daughter!?
you posted!! finally!
welcome back:)
mm ma china short post:( 7aram 3alaik you go all this time and all we get is a short post:(
okay long or short I have to admit that I loved it;* Thaank you

college newbie said...

lol thx. yeah it is short, sri abt that... i'll make sure to increase it's length next time

khayzarana said...

7imdila 3al salama:P i had to read il previous parts 3ashan at-thakar ur story hehehehe:P bes 7aram 3alaik 7a6lina a short post!

oo abe a3arf who hes talking about.. yimkin ummmm...
-his mom
-new girlfriend
-a kid

fa yala post now wila ba3dain ra7 itzeed il list

TeenagerAtSea said...

Ayshay!!! oo Laila wain ra7at?!
Well atleast he can hav some hope now.. ina maybe i9eer shay bainhom oo chithi..

Welcome Baaaack!!=] Winshalla ma tig6a3 chithi ye3ni;p

Lost b2amreeka. said...

in6ir minnik posts e7na? :( yalla next post soon, ha? tara 7adda cliff hanger, I think i need to pee around you to mark my territory -.- i'm supposed to be first commentress! :/ nxt time tell me gabel la you post man 3ashan acomment awal :( laish ma ta35i ur readers wayh matrid 3ala comments :P kasool<3 hehe anyways, my fav post so far haydeee! ok fine im done babbling! 7addi sleepy bas sharba redbull w like ta3bana bas magdar anam, ok bye basni garga!

college newbie said...

LOL, you got it, next time i'll tell u be4 i post :)

nora said...

and then what happens....?

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

AYABEB ?:P Klololosh :P Finaly :P

Okay baQ To eLQe9a !

Ay Shaay ! 3yaaal menw !!!

zAHOORI said...


Gray Goose. said...

AHHH finally;o I love this blog ;p W muta inshalla tnawer our screens with a post? ;P Can't wait for the next;*

-Crystal Spankbomb.

*R said...

ive missed u !! :( please post..and thanks for this amazing post:)

Wa7da Qabiya said...

You're a gemini? Leila is a scorpio or maybe a Libra and I still haven't figured Rawan out yet bas I have a feeling she's a Virgo, am I right?

college newbie said...

lol how're u guessing?

Wa7da Qabiya said...

I can vibes, I don't know its kinnda from their personalities, so am I right? Or they're not real characters?

Wa7da Qabiya said...


*R said...

were are yoouu ? are you ok? :/ were starting to worry ..

Anonymous said...

Wheres the next post, number SIX??
Post soon please =]

Anonymous said...

hahaha please i cant wait no longa' mai2 ;p

Flakes said...

Hello College Newbie,

A message for you.

Um Mit3ib said...

yala sar wagt next time


college newbie said...

after exams hopefully

noora said...

LOL @ wa7da Qabiya
i think the guy is libra tho

waitingggg for nxt blog :)

Sarah.x.o.x.o said...

hmmm .. really reallly really intresting posts !

u got me on the edge of my chair .. shwai w ba6ee7 3al ar'9

post soon !

xoxo ;*

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...


Mrs.Curious said...

Omg Omg !! Aba aaaaaaa3rrrrrrf

amna said...

<3 <3 7baaait ur story wayed wayed

ur posts are siiiick (y) keep em coming !!!

Anonymous said...
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Um Mit3ib said...

makhalisaw ur exams?!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

when r u gonna post the next blog :s???

Anonymous said...

You seemed like an AMAZING writer. Y u stop writing? :s I swear you too my breath away, it's exactly what I needed. Pleasssse post ASAP! I know I might be talking to myself as well since this post was published in 2009
With love,

Anonymous said...

Noooooo :'(
Walllaaah 7raam 3aleeek :(
I hate you :(
Plz post :(
Alllah y5leeek :(

college newbie said...

wow it's been 4 years?! Damn. Well I was thinking about writing again for a while. Soon enough hopefully.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

posting anytime soon?
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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