Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grumpy Tag

1. pic of a grumpy person (or dog? lol)

2. 3 things that are just abnormal:
a) how when i start drawing, my tongue immediately comes out of my mouth in a ":p" postion
b) guys wearing pink?!
c) my little brother growing a beard at age 14!!
3. 2 things that irritate you:
a) when people go "haa" 3-4 times, n i have to repeat myself over n over
b) how sometimes i can't express myself well
4. a trigger to your anger
when i'm woken up '3a9ib, alarm clocks don't last long with me lol
5. 3 people you can't live without
a) my best friend
b) my parents
c) a couple of my cousins
6. 2 people you don't wanna see
a) my sharee3a prof (elective); seriously if i see this guy again, badish fee isijin
b) the guy that hit us with his car, caused us to flip over
7. one of your favorite foods
mm... pizza
8. 3 of your favorite songs
a) elliot yamin- wait for you
b) 112- nowhere
c) usher- i can't win
_ love;**
_ [MaDry-Shakw~]
_ nunu
_ Cinderella
_ Gutter Flower


Stitch said...

awwww ana ur best friend? hehe im sorry i'm taken! (A) *giggle* jk... mino the best friend -.-

college newbie said...

LOL... they know who they are

Stitch said...

LOL -.- shda3waaaaa give me a hint!

Limited said...

i love elliot yamin-wait for u!

Cinderella said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaaank u :****!

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

Thaank u ! Olaaa menZeman Taawni achoof :P hehe yela its okay i'll do it ;p

Anonymous said...

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