Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2. Leila vs Rawan

After a LONG hour, that dull professor finally announced the end of his lecture. I was too busy thinking about leila and how she took the fall for me like that, that everytime the prof opened his mouth nothing but gibberish came out. I stood up piling my books together. I turned my face towards her. I still hadn't seen what she looks like, and i gotta say curiousity was eating me up inside.

So i walked towards her "e7m" i pretended to clear up my throat.

"yeahh thats very subtle" she said sarcastically while stuffing her colored pens in her huge bag- still not facing me, "if you wanna get my attention, you know my name already, how about you try calling me by it?"

Wise-ass!- i thought to myself. "okay leila... " she finally faced my "umm... aaah... mm.."

"you're not much of a talker are you" she interruped with half a smile drawn on her perfectly round face.

"I would be if you let me finish a sentence once or twice" i replied with a cheeky grin.

her half smile grew into a full one "aah finally a sentence! I would if i had an ounce of certainty that you'd finish one this century."

Malsoona! "ahuh... anyway," i said, totally ignorning her wise-ass remark, "i just wanted to thank you again for doing what you did, i really appreciate it"

"Don't sweat it, you do owe me though" she finally smiled sincerely, looking directly in my eyes which got me weak in the knees.

"umm... yeahh i do" i managed to blurt out. "Alright... i'll catch you next class" i said as i left the class, and just before i left, i stood there looked at her just organizing her stuff, piling her books. She felt i was looking and lifted up her head- our eyes locked, i panicked. I smiled and winked at her then left.

WHY DID I WINK?! - i thought. I was furious with myself for doing so.

"YASSOOOOOOF!!" yelled a voice so loud that it made me jump right up. That voice was very familiar i looked behind me. "3AZOOOZ!" i yelled without even thinking! And without even thinking we hugged. Confused me later after doing so.

3azooz is my "9adee8 e6ifoola". His house was right across ours, we went to the same school, hung out after school and everything, but when highschool came, we drifted apart. Him and his family left to live in America- his dad was preparing for his P.h.D.

We sat down in Starbucks, talked for hours. It was so good to have him back, he's such a decent friend. It was his second year here in this university- kinda took my by surprise. Why didn't i know he was back? How come he never told me? Oh well. "isma3 ywaiisif, etha tabi ay shay la yriddik illa lsaanik w la testi7i inta a3az min o5ooy w i know you know that. Ana mashi, 3indi Media al7een and i'm already late" he chuckled, "taamer 3ala shay?"

"salamtik, allah weyyak". He left and i sat down thinking about the old days with good ol' 3azooz. Suddenly i felt the vibration of my cell in my pocket. 'rawan calling'.

"hala rawaan, aamray"

"hala w '3ala ... e6la3 barra il campus ana naa6ritik". Weird, but i didn't have anything better to do and my next class was in 3 hours time, so i took all my books and headed out.
There she stood, leaning against her pepsi-blue Touareg. She looked incredible. Long, dark brown hair, big Versace shades that circled her perfectly structured face, and her tiny little mouth drawing a wide smile- well as wide as it can go. At that moment, i didn't know why i didn't feel anything towards her, she could be the best girlfriend. She's funny, smart and caring- and she's always been there for me. I stood there, just looking directly through her shades; smiling. "We're going for 3a9eer, 3ala 7saabik" she said with a giggle as she threw me her keys.

"okay so i guess i'm driving" i replied

"of course! Since when do you trust me behind the wheel?"

"well do you blame me?" i teased . "yassoooof, shut up" she pouted, as we both got into her car.

"haha... so the weirdest thing happened today..." i began as i started the car, "i was very late to class..."

"haha bedayat'ha chithee?" she replied while adjusting her make up

"ee, i walked in with this girl," that statement caught her attention, she turned her face in my direction, "and the prof asked me wain kent w i panicked cuz i could never make up an excuse on the spot, and this girl, leila, she selflessly took the fall for me."

"leila ha? ya7lailha" she forced out a smile. At that moment she gave off a vibe i've never felt before. She was jealous. Rawan's the most confident girl i know, she's NEVER jealous. That was first time i saw her like that, it stirred something inside of me. That fake smile was a7la smile i've seen plastered on her face. The silence filled the air for a while.

"Rawan?" I broke the silence with huge grin

"3yoonha" she turned her head with the same fake smile she had plastered on

i pinched cheek dimple "you're really beautiful, u know that?"...


love ;** said...

Jealousy never leads to anything good.

Once again great job, cant wait to find out where this is heading!

keep up the posts please ;p

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

Nt 1st hmm;\

7aadi metshawga CANT WAIT !

Lost b2amreeka. said...

loved it =)

Lulwa said...

7araaam :(

she's in love maskeena

why the hell yosef just flirted with her if he can't stand her "lazga" !!

can't wait the next post

M said...

miskeena.. stop giving her mixed messages!

Fourty-Seven said...

Hmmm!! well thats an interesting twist to the story! Can't wait to see whats next

Lots a' love

libero anima said...

duude ya3nee do u like her or not .. u can't tell a girl she's beautiful if u dnt feel anything for her =p

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

maderii liash 7abaait usef..7asaita he is wise.. !!

oo rawaan..hehe it'6aik.. ! maderii laish ;P

keep it on !

Anonymous said...

I like Rawan more than Leila! Next Posttttttt:D please?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

jealousy, ha? ;Pp

Limited said...

i agree with libero anima .. u cant keep sending mixed signals .. u cant tell her she looks beautiful when u dont have feelings towards her ..

Um-Loai said...

Mixed signals home slice! That's mean :(

Keep up the great posts!

DreamerGirl said...

Guys are hard to figure out sometimes.

Looking forward to more on the way.

noora said...

mmmm y the hell did yousef tell her she'z beautiful :(

this is so odd,, i just went thro something like this , me being in rawan's position
and my guy's name was yousef too ^o)
we had a 4 year friendship or relationship,, i dno wat to call it :)
i love how i can relate to this story <3
MEN ARE CONFUSed human beings ufffff :(

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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