Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4. Leila, untouchable

A week went by, and my friendship with Leila grew stronger.It was like she we're best friends, with definate undeniable extra feelings, as in more than friends. She was simply fantastic, in every way i can think of. She always managed to somehow brighten my day, no matter how dark it got. I enjoyed every single moment i was in her company, and when she wasn't around, she was always on my mind. But of course she wasn't the only one on my mind. What Rawan said in her text message never seemed to escape my thoughts. 'I love you'? Lately I have felt a little more for her, but I'm just beginning to like her, and she's already in love with me? It's too fast, I didn't even see her this way until lately, How am I going to face her when she's back?

After my last class, i stayed in the campus' starbucks. "One white chocolate mocha, grande please, thanks" i nodded with polite expression engraved on my face. then i went and sat in what is now my usual seat- facing the cashier. I sat there, seemed lifeless, sinking in my ocean of thoughts- till that was interrupted with a couple of cold hands covering my eyes.

"Guess who?"

"you're back!! 7imdilla 3al salama!!" i shouted at the top of my lungs. It was Rawan. I stood up facing her, god i missed that face. I sat her down, got her her usual java chip frappuccino. It felt so good to have her back. I never realised i missed her that much till i saw her at that very second. "meta raddaitay?"

"tawa ma 9arli two hours" she answered with the same smile i had on.

"why didn't you text or something? I would've come ilma6ar for you"

"mabi ata3bik, adri you classes ib hal wagt"

"shda3wa Rawan, ta3abich raa7a" i winked

We talked for a long while, in which the widest smile had never been erased off my face. As we headed to the end of our conversation i realised something that really confused me.

When i'm with Rawan, i completely forget about Leila; then again when i'm with Leila, i completely forget about Rawan. It was so weird, i liked them both very much, but they both had very different personalities. Rawan's the innocent, naive type. It was so cute how childlike she can act sometimes. She's just adorable. Leila's different. She's more of a thinker (over-thinker at occasions), really sarcastic. She can make me laugh so hard that whatever beverage i'm drinking, whilst yapping along with her, always seems to make it's way out of my nostrils. I loved being with both so much.

"hey, so listen i'm not done with you, wanna go get something to eat or something?" she said while we both stood up.

"haha yeah sure why not" i answered with a happy expression drawn on my face. I took the her jacket that was hung at the back of her seat, and put it on her. As i was doing so, i saw Leila way back, far away, standing there just looking at me. She had a look on her face that suggested i had cheated on her. I looked back at her. I waited for something, but nothing happened. After a minute or so she just left with that same look.

"yallaaa emsh" she pulled my arm and headed towards the door. Leila's look had me worried. What was that look? If it was any other girl i'd say she was jealous, but not Leila. She's different. Unique.

We hopped into my car, drove off with Leila's stare never escaped my thoughts. For some reason i didn't want Leila to think that i was 'with' Rawan. Maybe that was my answer. The answer to if i should ever 'be' with Rawan. Maybe it's better for us to stay as friends.

We ended up going to a fancy lebanese restaurant. We had a good time, not great- like times we had before she left. Don't get me wrong she was still her own remarkable self. It was me. I couldn't stop thinking about what happened.

I couldn't sleep that night. I stayed up all night thinking Leila, and what's she gonna say tomorrow. I left for uni early the following morning. I wanted to go talk to Leila, i wanted to go get things out in the clear- that Rawan is just a close friend, nothing more- at least thats what i thought. I went in through the glass doors and headed straight to her classroom. It had already begun, so i sat on the floor outside waiting for her. After a long hour her class ended and she got out. She saw me sitting on the floor looking at the door waiting for her to come out. She flashed away a half-a-smile and asked me to get up. "Come, walk with me big head"

"yeah well girls like it" i replied to her unnecessary remark, with a hint of cockiness

"well the girl yesterday sure seemed to like it" she looked at me, straight into my eyes.

"yeah, thats what i wanted to talk to you about" i began "she's a friend, thats all. I've known her since forever and..." i stopped for a moment, someone was behind her trying to grab my attention by waving. It was 3azooz. He was heading towards us.

"ha bo ya3goob 3ash min shaafik, shlooonik sha5baarik" he looked at Leila then at me. His smile grew big. He placed his huge arms around her and... "i see you met the future mrs. 3azeez" ...


Starr ;* said...

I LOVE the new look ;)

I feel bad for Rawan, okay he likes her and all bs not in the way she does, and as a girl that would crush me if I ever found it.

And it seems like Leila is not such an angel, Mrs.3zooz lol I liked that, so he should not feel bad AND she should have not given him a look since she is in the same boat.

I simply love your blog, keep up the great work.

Loving the fact that we are getting a guys point of view ;)

Anonymous said...

man, ur writing is awesome.. u should publish it or something :P
I wud buy the book 4 sure ;p
n' i luv how im getting the guy's part of the story. thats pretty different.
n' i luv how it fits with our community.
Cant wait for the next post :]

Fourty-Seven said...

Mrs. 3azeez? wow! lol cant wait to see what happens next!

lots a' love

Anonymous said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! allah yaster!

Anonymous said...

Umbaay 7araam he obviously likes her!!! oo now she's in some sort of relationship with his friend:@ I would die!!!!!!!!!

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeh ;P! MasKeeeN :P!

Um Mit3ib said...

7ayo leila el ghashasha;p

college newbie said...

lol thnx all ;*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

lovin the new template =D

TeenagerAtSea said...

The future Mrs.3azoooz?!!? WTH?! yalla i wanna kno wat happens next;p

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

ish7agaa im3a9ba laila itha ihiya ma56ooba !!! ya3nii 5alii ib 7al sibeela.. !! oo uhwa 5al yro7 7g rawaan.. !

tigerlilly said...

I dont like Rawan :( I like him and leila together! push rawan and 3azeez out of the picture! :p

Anonymous said...

laaa2 moooo 9j! y3ny mako bnt thgeela?! hathe rawan ga6a 3omrha ga6.. oo leila tl3b 3la 2 guys.. 3la "5a6eebha" oo 3la.. klsh 3azez ma 2thar lama shaf leila ga3da t7ache wa7d..5osh wala.. shal '3yra! wela 3la asas 9rna "free" all of a sudden.. wai3 sh9ayer eb shbabna!

Jacqui said...

Coool part, hehehe loved the double-standards that they are each playing on each other, him with Rawan (mentally at least for Rawan) and she with 3aziz (physically) yet them wanting each other...

Loving the new look as well though I am still waiting for a real male perspective hehe you seem too nice for a guy, not really what most things I would expect a guy to be thinking hehehe so give us some more real insight :P


Dalia said...


Anonymous said...

C'mon!! whats gonna happen?! :P

DreamerGirl said...

The twist really caught me off guard!

Keep posting!

Anonymous said...


*R said...

i love love love it !
a new post please :) btw visit mine its new;*


khayzarana said...

college newbie, r u ok? china minziman u didnt post

college newbie said...

lol im ok, thx... i've been preoccupied with college n stuff... hopefully soon i'll get back on track

3anooda said...

agool i have a problem - please help me out - aby male perspective check out my blog

xtc said...

Maskeena rawan. But it's understandable. I like your blog!

Cupid:* said...

i am really hooked to your story except that you haven't been posting in a longgg time:( which is kinda when i'm hooked on something:p
haha anyways good luck with all the preoccupation n all and i reallyyy hope that you'll be posting soon:)

Cupid ;* said...

which is kinda not good when i'm hooked up on something*

±What±Im±about± said...

waink ?!
where's part 5?


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