Friday, February 6, 2009

3. "i love you"?

-a couple of days later-

"sorry gi6a3 il5a6 min kaifa, anyway i gtg like now, inzain shino tabi ayeeblik min geneva?"

"abi salamtich, hurry back". That is so cliche, but i really wanted her just to come back safely.

"5ala9 ma ra7 tgooli? I'm getting you something 3ala tho8i" she replied

"haha Rawano, 5ala9 illee yray7ich, troo7een w triddeen bessalama"

"allah ysalmik, and goodluck with your quiz today, yalla byee"

"thanks, bye hon" i hung up with a sad smile drawn on my unshaved face. I was really gonna miss her- i thought to myself.

I sat myself down on the most uncomfortable chair facing the Starbucks' cashier. It was so crowded! I was so lucky to have found myself a four seat table right away. I opened my 'Intro to Management' textbook, just to have a final look over the material for today's quiz.

As i opened the book my eyes caught the sight of Leila lining up to order something.

"i'll have a white chocolate mocha, venti please, thanks"

Interesting taste. She took her paper cup, paid, and turned around to look for place to sit. It was too crowded. I looked down at my book pretending to be engaged in my studying hoping she wouldn't recognize me- but secretly i really wanted her to share my table. She looked around waiting for someone to offer her a seat. A couple of minutes later, i felt her standing right across of me. I lifted up my head, looked directly into her eyes. I felt funny in my stomach. She was breathtaking.

"hala?" i began

She looked right at me with a funny expression engraved in her flawless face. She said nothing, placing her paper cup on my table and pulling out the chair across of me.

"you owe me" she chuckled

"so i guess that makes us even now" i replied with a ridiculously wide smile. She took a sip of her venti cup, looking directly through my shades. I tried escaping her look, but it i couldn't bring myself to do so.

"oh you're not even close" she finally said with a big smile showing her perfectly alligned teeth. I laughed nodding along. "haha i'm gonna use this a lot"

"hahaha don't make a habit of it" i mumbled out, looking back into my book pretending to study.

Silence had built up between us, and the noises in the background took over. A while later that was broken, "so what're you studying?" she said, desperately trying to start up a conversation- thank god she did!
i held up my text book, pointing at the title with my pinky. "Oh, so what is it for? Quiz?" And thats all we needed to start up the legendary conversation we had.

We talked for 3 straight hours. It was by far, the most amazing conversation i have ever had with someone, which led me to completely forget about my quiz. She was smart, interesting and funny. We made each other laugh, we got along so well. It was like we knew ba3a'6 since forever.
Everytime i saw her smile, or i made her laugh, my heart skips a couple of beats. It was the weirdest thing. Am i into her? I just met her that can't be- but why does my heart keep doing that stupid thing every time she smiles at me? I've never felt like towards anyone that i've known this long.

"umm sorry, but you do realize you missed your quiz, right?" she interrupted me bni9 salfiti

"9ij??" truth is i knew, but i was having too much fun talking to her. "and you're just telling me that?" i said with a half-a-smile indicating my concern for the missed quiz.

"well... umm... aah" she replied with an embarrassed expression.

"i thought that was MY catch-phrase" i interrupted saving her from that awkward moment. She laughed

"don't worry about it, this professor won't be so hard on you, just make up an excuse and he'll let you take it at some time" she said with a comforting tone on her voice.

"we both know by now thats not my thing, you mind helping me out with that?"

"haha oh right, okay- 'family emergency', simple, hard to forget and won't draw in too many questions" she assured me with a big grin on her face.

"yeah? you think so? okay i better be going now" i said as i stood up. I collected and piled my books on top of each other. "alright Leilo, i'ma go talk to that prof now, hope your excuse works or you're gonna pay, i'll see you next class" I, unconciously, winked again- thank god my shades were on- cuz i wouldn't want her to get the wrong idea about me. I still blushed for doing so, and i know she realized the much too visible blush on my cheeks.

I walked away with nothing on my mind but Leila. She was great, perfect in every way. Her personality was fantastic. For some reason i looked back to catch a final glimpse of her. She was staring in my direction, looked away as soon as i saw her look at me. I smiled then i carried on with my way to the professor's office.

And like she said, 'family emergency' was the perfect excuse. The professor only wished me goodluck with it and agreed to let me do my quiz later. I was so grateful to Leila, i'll thank her later- i thought. As i left the campus i felt my cell phone vibrating. i took it out and saw 3 missed calls and one text message from Rawan.

text message: "y rn't u picking up? :( ... i guess u're doing ur quiz... i just wanted to say... i love you"


love ;** said...

oo that cant be good at ALL ;p

cant wait to find out!!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

loool i hate both the girls in ur story -.- they piss me off, leila wayid shayfa 3omerha w rowan lazga -.-

but i liked this post <33

wa7da_09 said...

faj2a miny i love u?

Anonymous said...

OMG! 7aram Rawan, a7is she's been waiting forever to tell him that, and to him it's too soon!;/

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

weeeeeee... !!! ;s mo wagta.. !!

bintain ib nafs il wagt..;s mo 5ossh fikra.. WATCH OUT !

libero anima said...

i agree with lost b2amreeka XD

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

TaKSiiir 5aa6ri !!:P

Limited said...

my favorite drink in starbucks is the white chocolate mocha ..

Um Mit3ib said...

i like laila:P

Um-Loai said...

I like laila too!!

nunu said...

ghal6aaana.. al7een 6ool hal wagt ma galat'ha faj'a she txts it?elmafrooth tan6er u call back or something 3ashan she says it.. 7adha ekhwaara rawan ;p

nice story btw :)

Anonymous said...

Yalla newbie we want more!!
Ildenya 3e6la and I have no life :(
*chants* updaaaaate.. UPDATE.. HO HO!!.. Updaaaaaate yalla! UPDATE.. HO HO!!

TheBeatles said...

continue ya3ni ;p
i want to know what happens next!


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